Beyonce's Renaissance Tour: Understanding the powerful impact of merchandise (and why it matters where do you get it from)

Beyonce's Renaissance Tour: Understanding the powerful impact of merchandise (and why it matters where do you get it from)

As Beyoncé's Renaissance World Tour ends, CNN looks back at some of her best performance looks

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Beyonce's most recent tour, the Renaissance Tour, was a huge success. It not only raised the bar for live music and shows, but it also proved the huge possibilities of promotional merchandise

The Return on Investment (ROI) of the Renaissance Tour's merchandising, identified the top trendy merchandise items in 2024 (including hand fans) opening a discussion on the significance of conscious merchandising, especially in light of the mass production. We will also reveal the most sold merchandise item during the Renaissance Tour – hand fans.

How much ROI did the Renaissance Tour merch generate?

The ROI of Beyonce's Renaissance Tour merch was staggering. The tour witnessed a spectacular demand for merchandise, driven by the artist's global fan base and her commitment to offering high-quality, exclusive products. With an extensive range of merchandise, including clothing, accessories, and collectibles, the Renaissance Tour generated a remarkable ROI.

Assuming that Beyonce sold 30,000 items at $100 each on her Renaissance Tour, she made around $171 million in merchandising sales. After deducting her portion of the ticket sales and merchandise profits, she was left with about 80% of the merchandise profits to fund her tour costs.

Although precise figures are undisclosed, Beyonce's savvy merchandising strategy contributed significantly to the overall profitability of the tour.

Top Trendy Merchandise in 2024

(Including Hand Fans)

As we fast-forward to 2024, the landscape of trendy merchandise has evolved. Beyond standard T-shirts and posters, we have seen a rise in unique and innovative items.

Hand fans have taken the spotlight as one of the top trendy merchandise items. With intricate designs, personalized fan options, and a blend of functionality and fashion, hand fans have become the perfect accessory for concerts, outdoor events, and beyond. Their popularity can be attributed to their aesthetic appeal and practicality, making them a must-have for Beyonce's dedicated fan base.

TMZ and The New York Times previously reported the Beyoncé-driven Etsy sales uptick.

The Most Sold Merchandise Item: Hand Fans

During the Renaissance Tour, the hand fan emerged as the most popular merchandise item. Fans served a dual purpose: they kept concertgoers cool in the crowd while doubling as a stylish accessory that showcased their support for Beyonce. The design and quality of these fans were impeccable, making them a highly sought-after item. Their popularity also extended beyond the tour, as fans continued to use them in everyday life, further promoting Beyonce's brand.

Why We Should Care About Conscious Merchandising?

Conscious merchandising should become an essential aspect of today's music industry. The Renaissance Tour gave a unique twist with the shift in the production of hand fans, and other merch, by small businesses to pair with the strong demand which impacted directly the American Economy.

Align Your Brand Values

Ensuring that the production of promotional merchandise aligns with the values of a big music artist is a critical aspect of maintaining brand credibility and resonance with the audience. In a world increasingly focused on sustainability and ethical practices, artists like Beyoncé should recognize the importance of integrating these values into their merchandising strategies.

Beyoncé's team, for instance, has taken significant steps to align her brand values by investing in female leaders, fitness, American farmers, and the health of people and our planet with her last investment in a startup that sells watermelon juice called WTRMLN WTR; so why she should not be aligning these practices also into her merchandise production?

After all, as we discussed above, she does make a huge impact (and ROI) with her merch.

This approach not only reinforces Beyoncé's image as a socially conscious artist but also establishes a connection with fans who prioritize conscious consumerism. Furthermore, she has the power to set a positive example in the industry by raising the bar for the entire industry in terms of quality and ethical responsibility.

In essence, aligning brand values with sustainable merchandise solutions is not just a trend for big music artists—it's a strategic move to build meaningful, long-lasting relationships with stakeholders, and just think about how much revenue can be directed to small American businesses just by a single decision.


1.   What percentage of goods revenues do artists keep, and how does it affect their earnings?

Artists typically take home a substantial share of merchandise proceeds, leaving them with approximately 80% of the revenue after covering tour expenses, which amount to 20% of revenues. This model significantly impacts an artist's earnings from their merchandise sales.

2.   How many items did Beyonce want to sell at each Renaissance Tour stop, and at what average price?

During her Renaissance Tour, Beyonce hoped to make $80,000 in retail sales at each concert. This strategy contributed to her substantial merchandise revenue.

3.   How does Taylor Swift's sales different from Beyonce's?

Taylor Swift's approach to merchandise sales differs from Beyonce's in that Swift focuses on building a lifestyle brand that provides fans with a wide array of year-round options for merchandise. In contrast, Beyonce offers fewer merchandise options, resulting in higher-priced concert merchandise.

4.   Why have hand fans at Beyonce and Taylor Swift concerts helped small businesses?

Small businesses, including BOHOPHY-supporting artisans in rural Mexico, have benefitted from the increased demand for hand fans at concerts by Beyonce and Taylor Swift. For example, sellers saw an increase in sales, with around five to eight silver holographic fans sold daily, compared to about three before the tour. This increased demand has presented growth opportunities for these businesses.

5.   What size and price does Beyonce's Renaissance Hand Fan come in at concerts?

The Renaissance Hand Fan sold during Beyonce's concerts is a large-size fan, measuring 13 inches in height and 25 inches wide when opened. It is priced at $25. This could be compared to our Bora Bora Hand fan or Shela Hand fan

6.   How did Beyonce and Taylor Swift's hand fans enhance their performances?

Beyonce and Taylor Swift used hand fans as part of their concert experience by incorporating them into their performances. For example, Beyonce would flick her wrist and display her handheld fan, encouraging the crowd to participate. This interactive element added to the overall enjoyment of the concerts.

7.   Why are hand fans popular during summer concerts?

Hand fans are trendy during the summer at concerts due to the extreme heat experienced in outdoor stadiums, particularly in regions like Florida, the Southwest, and California. These fans provide concertgoers with a practical solution for staying cool and comfortable during the shows.

8.   How do Beyonce and Taylor Swift affect demand for hand fans and other concert products small businesses sell?

Beyonce and Taylor Swift's influence has significantly increased the demand for hand fans and other merchandise small businesses sell at their concerts. As these artists draw large crowds to outdoor venues, the need for practical items like hand fans becomes apparent. Small businesses benefit from this demand as concert attendees look for ways to enhance their experience while staying comfortable.

Wrap Up

Beyonce's Renaissance Tour showed the music industry's promotional merchandise possibilities. The tour earned ROI and top 2024 trends with its meticulously managed merchandising. Hand fans, which combine fashion and function, represent this trend.

Celebrities like Beyonce and Taylor Swift have raised demand for hand fans and other small business items at their concerts. As these artists draw huge crowds to outdoor locations, hand fans become necessary. This demand helps small businesses as concertgoers look for methods to improve their experience while staying comfortable.


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