Dive into the transformative potential of spreading manufacturing jobs for changing lives through inspiring stories of artisans and their families


Maria is our head Agave Henequen artisan. Her father taught her the traditional know-how before he passed away.

She is a proud mother of her beautiful son Levi, 8 years old. Raising Levi alone drove her to teach the art of Henequen in the morning and sell her products in the evenings. She also participates in crafting contests to earn extra income.

“Knowing my child needs me, there is no time to give up


DoÑa Juanita is our head palm artisan. Her eldest daughter, Daniela, is also a palm artisan, and her granddaughter is learning the art too. “I want to keep the art of the palm for generations to come,” says Daniela.

All the family is very united and enjoys passing on these traditions


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